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CIA Classes to Satisfy Your Culinary Cravings

Thanks for stopping by! Because you’re here, we suspect you’ve got a thing for cooking, baking, wine, and entertaining. That’s great, because for more than 70 years, people who share your passion have been coming to the CIA to learn how to cook and eat more confidently, joyfully, and deliciously. Now it’s your turn.

Boot Camp Culinary Vacations

A multi-day, life-changing immersion into the world of food, CIA Boot Camp is so much more than a cooking class. You’ll learn to cook, bake, and think like professional chefs do. You’ll prepare amazing food and meet incredible people. And that’s just for starters. Learn about CIA boot camp culinary vacations >

Cooking Classes and Baking Classes

Spend a day exploring your love of food in our kitchens and bakeshops. Fun awaits, no matter what your culinary interest or skill level. Bring a friend or come meet new ones! Discover the world of CIA cooking and baking classes >

Wine and Beverage Classes

Taste, discuss, repeat. When it comes to wines, beers, and other beverages, it’s the tried-and-true way to grow your knowledge and confidence. Embark on a journey of tasting, pairing, and discovery with our experts. Discover the world of CIA wine, beer, and beverage classes >

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Best of CIA Boot CampClasses Held in Hyde Park, NY & St. Helena, CA

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