• 2017 Arriba - Latin Food Festival - el Caribe by the CIA
  • Latin Cuisine Festival

    Saturday, October 21, 2017CIA Arriba Latin food festival baking and cooking classes

    Discover the Cuisine of the Caribbean!

    Join us for The Latin Cuisine Festival—¡Arriba el Caribe!—a one-day event that will immerse you in the delicious and unique cuisine of the Caribbean—Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. The flavor profiles of these countries meet to form a distinctive cuisine all their own. You’ll rediscover the familiar and be "wowed" by flavors and dishes you’ve never tasted before.

    The incredible chefs from The Culinary Institute of America are offering a selection of free cooking demos, hands-on cooking classes, and food and wine tastings. Have fun while expanding your knowledge of this exciting cuisine.

    Celebrate with us and participate in one or more of the cooking classes, demonstrations, and tastings going on throughout the day. Sign up today!

    Hands-on Cooking and Baking Classes   3 hours, $125 each

    Vibrant Dishes of the Caribbean CIA Arriba Latin Cuisine food classes - Cilantro

    Vibrant flavors and multicultural influences are at the core of Caribbean cooking. Learn how to create iconic dishes of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Cuba in this class. Register Now >

    Caribbean Heat

    There’s nothing more exciting than live-fire cooking! Explore the flavors created by the open fire and grill, while you make authentic regional dishes. Register Now >

    Caribbean Sweets and Treats

    Expand your sweet tooth—Caribbean style! Register Now >

    Tasting Class   1.5 hours, $20 each

    Small Dishes, Big Flavors of the CaribbeanCIA Arriba Latin Cuisine food - learn to cook caribbean-style with The CIA!

    Get a taste of the many bold flavors the Caribbean has to offer in this demonstration by one of our expert CIA chefs. Register Now > 



    Free Live Fire Demos on the Plaza—Street Foods of The Caribbean with Chef Hinnerk von Bargen

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  • Presented by The Center for Foods of the Americas at The Culinary Institute of America, Historic Pearl Brewery, 312 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78215

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