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    CIA Boot Camp is a one-of-a-kind experience. Participants come from all walks of life to not only learn fundamental culinary skills, but to gain confidence in the kitchen and to feed their passion for food. Some Boot Campers come to celebrate special birthdays or anniversaries, others come to rekindle relationships, and still more come to bond with family and friends.

    See what your fellow food enthusiasts have to say about their Boot Camp experience...perhaps you will be inspired to take the journey too!

  • Dr. Norris Chumley

    Living Life to the Fullest

    Kelly Camille Patterson

    Kitsch-en Confidence

    Kris Longwell

    Gaining Confidence and Creds

    Linda Jochen

    The Chefs are Unbelievable

    Michelle Scobie

    Basking in the Afterglow

    Mike Updike

    From Basic Cooking to Creative Cuisine

    Tony Miller

    The Zen of Cooking

    Tracy Antonioli

    How Boot Camp Changed My Cooking…and My Life

  • Testimonials

    “Since my Boot Camp experience, my life, as well as my cooking, has become more about quality than quantity.”
    —Tracy Antonioli,
    The Best of Boot Camp

    “The most unexpected thing I came away with from Boot Camp was confidence.”
    —Kelly Camille Patterson,
    Skill Development Boot Camp


    “I am now more experimental and creative, both with and without recipes.”
    —Dr. Nancy Lorenzi,
    American Regional Cuisine Boot Camp


    “In just two days, we could identify minerals, fruits, vegetation, terroir, region, varietal, and more, with surprising success.”
    —Donna Altes,
    Wine Lovers Boot Camp—Taste Like a Pro

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