• Meet your CIA Instructor
  • Meet Your Instructors

    CIA instructors totally get your passion for all things cooking, baking, and entertaining—because they share it! Get to know a few of the friendly instructors who may just be heading up your next class.

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    Chef Mike GarneroMike Garnero, instructor for CIA weekend classes

    • My fridge always has...Tuna salad and romaine lettuce. It’s so easy and convenient to spread the salad on the leaves with some hot sauce for a quick version of ssäm [a bite-size Korean wrap]. And, of course, beer, a bottle or two of Champagne, and salsa.
    • I knew I wanted to be a chef when...While going to high school in Alaska, I met a sous chef from a cruise ship who walked into the restaurant where I was working. The next day, he offered our entire kitchen staff a tour of the ship, and I was so impressed that I actively began pursuing a culinary career.
    • The saying I’m known for in the kitchen is...“Let’s get crackin” and “Focus on the quality, not the quantity.”

    Wine Instructor Traci DuttonTraci Dutton, CIA wine instructor

    • My fridge always has...California sparkling wine (like Mumm Brut Prestige), Chilean Sauvignon Blanc or liter bottles of Grüner Veltliner, and a bottle of dry rosé, usually French, something from Provence when I can get it. Also, bottles of Trumer Pils (a great beer from Berkeley) and a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream for my husband’s occasional cravings.
    • The wine gadget I can’t live without is...The stemless wine glass! I don’t necessarily like them for fine dining, but they fit in my small kitchen cabinets and my cats can’t knock them over.
    • The saying I’m known for in the classroom is...“You can’t come all the way to Napa Valley without having some Cabernet Sauvignon.”
    • I enjoy teaching enthusiasts because...Their primary agenda is to have more pleasure in their life. I can get behind that.

    Chef Hinnerk von BargenHinnerk von Bargen, instructor for CIA weekend classes

    • The kitchen gadget I can’t live without is...If I have to choose between must-haves and wants, I will choose pots and pans and my knives and decent cutting boards. Otherwise, I love my small portable cast iron grill for the perfect kebab or burger, and for a cream soup or smoothie, I don’t want to be without my Vitamix blender. For homemade burgers, I love to grind my own meat, which makes a grinding attachment for my stand mixer an essential tool.
    • The saying I’m known for in the classroom is...Many of my students enjoy imitating my call for a demo, but that might also be a matter of my accent.
    • I enjoy teaching enthusiasts because...Every participant is highly motivated and eager to learn new things. I am always looking forward to welcoming them back to new classes.
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