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Pangea's Vegetarian Sushi Roll

Pangea's Vegetarian Sushi Roll Recipe by The Culinary Institute of America.



Makes one roll (2 portions)



  1. Cut the blanched okra into medium to small pieces to make it easier to roll. Set aside. Cut avocado in slices and season it with salt. Set aside. Cut the green onion on a bias. Reserve the green part for garnish and add the white part to the okra. Set aside.
  2. Lay a sheet of nori down and make a slender roll with avocado, okra, and green onions (white part only). Set aside.
  3. On plastic wrap, place Marinated Tomato Petals and then spread Parsnip Rice. Place the slender nori roll on top at one edge and roll it up inside. Evenly cut the roll into 6 pieces.
  4. Spread a bed of Hijiki Salad on a plate and place 3 pieces of Pangea Roll on top. Drizzle Soy Miso Glaze on top of the roll, and then drizzle the Wasabi Mayo on top. Garnish with reserved sliced green onions, Puffed Wild Rice, and Pickled Parsnip.
All Pangea Roll recipes courtesy of: Chef Martin Matysik.

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